I'm Aeric

and this is Living Copy

I craft websites for creatives and small businesses

I build websites that grow with you so you can out-grow me

What is copy?

(and why should I care?)

On a base level, copy is the text of an advertisement. But to me it’s much more than that. I see copywriting as an opportunity to connect with the audience, to share ideals and values, and to create lasting client relationships. Well-crafted copy can turn dull content into an inspired message. Inform your audience and gain clients with Living Copy.

Everything you need for a successful website

design, hosting, & maintenance

custom, responsive, & engaging

web Design

Premium Standard Features

Custom Design

All of our websites are made from scratch – never templates. We’ll talk about the impact you want to have and build your website with your goals in mind.

Mobile Compatibility

We’ll build you a website that looks great no matter what device your customers are using – desktop, tablet, or cell phone.

SSL Certificate

Security is important. You and your customers can rest assured in knowing your website will be safe and protected.

Customer Support

We do our best to keep you on track. But if something gets derailed, we’ll be there for you

Analytic Feedback

Using Google Analytics, we’ll be able to optimize your website for more traffic and more business for you.

Real Human Interaction

Living Copy is not a dot-com company. We like talking to our customers and believe that true progress is made through communication.


Not all copy is created equal

Copy & Content

Some of our offerings include website copywriting, bios, blogs, taglines, and articles.

SEO Optimization

Our writing style couples your personal tone with appropriate keyword density and structure so people find you online.

Proofreading & Editing

An extra set of eyes can make the difference between the perfect pieces or an embarrassing typo.

Let's start creating your story

and capture your dream clients

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Living Copy

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