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Blog posts connect with your readers and improve your SEO. When you add appropriate content to your website, you are making it easier for people to find you online.

By including a blog on your website, you are providing your audience with relevant information in an easily digestible format.

Our blogs are written with 500-1,000 words, appropriate keyword density, internal and external links, and whatever tone and subject you request.

Staring at $100

All Living Copy-built websites come standard with custom, SEO optimized copy. But even if you’re not choosing us to build your site, you still deserve to have effective copy. 

When customers enter your website, you have the opportunity to connect with them – to show them not only your products and services, but your mission, your values, and your personality.

We will fill your homepage, service pages, and bios with clear and concise communication that has a strong message based on your philosophies.

Starting at $200/page

A well-written article that captures and informs your audience will perform well for you. Release it independently or as part of a press release to major outlets.

We write inverted pyramid-style articles using the current Associated Press guidelines to get your readers the most important, most accurate information up front.

Starting at $125

Brochures are still used as a way to reach prospective clients. A successful brochure will present like a mini-website,  highlighting your business’s  offerings prominently.

Whether you’re advertising an event or introducing audiences to your brand, a flyer or brochure is an effective way of promoting.

We’ll match the tone and design aesthetic of your brand and website to give you one more tool to go in your marketing toolbox.

Single Page $200

Additional Folds $100

This service comes standard with all Living Copy-built websites.

A well-designed brand board will act as a reference point for all of your marketing and advertising. Your brand board will display your brand’s logo, colors, fonts, and design aesthetic. 

Starting at $200

These are important to any business. They serve as your promises to your customer, the attitudes you hold, and the mission of your business.

Your audience will likely remember a well-written tagline just as much as anything else they read on your website. It should speak to your audience and define the focus of your business.

With us, you will get a list of twenty taglines to choose from. They’ll be short, concise, and reflect your company’s ideals.

Philosophies are everything from core values, to integrity and mission statements, to customer promises. Customers like to know where they stand and how they’ll be treated. These statements help form that agreement between you and your clients.

Starting at $300

The Retainer

Better yet, get a writer on retainer for your copy, content, and marketing writing. Stay on top of your blogs, news letters, and more.

This option is great if you put out regular content to your audiences. You can set up a reoccurring schedule and leave the work to us, or we can talk each month about the projects you have in mind. 

A retainer is perfect if you need multiple blog posts, news letters, e-blasts, or any of our offerings every month. Mix-and-match some of our different services to put together a marketing package that works for you.

Starting at $300/month

Pricing and menu is generalized. Specific projects will be discussed during your free consultation or strategy session.

The right words can take a reader and turn them into a fan, and more importantly, a client. Whether you’re working with a 4-sentence long Google Ad, or you have an entire website to fill, we do our best to make every word count. We strive for copy that is concise, yet compelling, leaving your audience with all they need but ready for more.

Let your words do the talking.

A prospective client should be ready to give you their business before ever talking to you in-person. Get the right message to the right people and you’ll capture more clients than ever.

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