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We provide the small business community with more affordable quality marketing and web solutions.

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Aeric Heasley is a web designer, copywriter, and small business owner based in Annapolis, MD. He has a Bachelors of Arts in Communications Studies from the University of Maryland Global Campus. Aeric spent six years in the US Air Force as an Intelligence Analyst, working with high-level military and government officials. Before this he spent a decade in operations logistics for several national and international retail stores.

Aeric is a hiker, guitar player, music lover, husband, and father.

Living Copy owner Aeric Heasley smiling on beach


I’m Aeric. I started Living Copy in the hopes that I could support small businesses while doing something I actually enjoy – communicating through writing and designing.

The doughnut shop that only makes 500 doughnuts and then closes when they sell out each day; the cafe that turns into a bar at night and has open-mic for comedians and poets; the bookstore that holds readings from local authors – these are the types of businesses that I have always been proud to give my business.

Now it is my mission to help them thrive so that future generations of customers can come to love them the same as I have.

Let me take your business to the next level while staying true to your brand.

– Aeric Heasley

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